If you are considering dental implants in Auburndale, FL, ask your dental professional about mini dental implants and if they are right for you. The mini implants are a great alternative to traditional implants for many patients.  
What Are Mini Dental Implants?  
Mini implants, as the name suggests are significantly smaller than traditional implants. Minis are less than 3 millimeters in diameter while traditional implants are 3.7 millimeters or greater. Most are solid and made of titanium and have been FDA approved for long-term use in bridges, dentures and crowns.  
When Are They Necessary?  
Your dental professional may recommend mini implants for a few reasons:   ·        
Small Spaces and Teeth: When the available gap or tooth being replaced is small, mini implants are the perfect size to provide a stable solution. ·        
Denture Stabilization: These implants are ideal for snap on/off dentures and stabilizing the lower denture especially. ·        
Traditional Alternative: Many patients have the choice between traditional and mini implants and may opt for the mini version as a less invasive or cheaper alternative.  
What Are the Benefits?  
Mini implants come with a range of benefits to patients:  
 ·         No-Graft Failure: Should one of your implants fail, the toothpick-sized hole left behind will not need a graft and might heal without any interference at all.
 ·         Solid and Strong: While the implants are small, they are solid and made of titanium, meaning they are strong and durable.
 ·         Bone-Loss Patients: When patients lack enough bone for traditional dental implants, mini implants may be the solution.
 ·         Single Appointment: The mini implants can be fitted in a single appointment as can most crowns.
 ·         Cost: Because they come in one piece and require only one appointment, mini dental implants are typically more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts.  
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